You’re invited to the Raglan Arts Weekend 2018

Are you hanging out for another holiday? I am! Lucky for us, there’s a long weekend at the end of this month. Which means it’s Raglan Arts Weekend time again! (Last year was amazing – check it out!)

My corner at last year's Raglan Arts Weekend. It was a fantastic weekend - beautifully sunny, lots of great people to meet, and swims at the end of the day.
My corner at last year’s Raglan Arts Weekend. It was a fantastic weekend – beautifully sunny, lots of great people to meet, and swims at the end of the day.

Are you coming? 3 whole days of sun, art, inspiration, beauty, and of course, the beach is right there! Here’s a taste of what’s new this year…

A relaxing way to visit artists with the Raglan Shuttle Arts Bus Tours

If the map this year looks a little daunting (there’s 30+ artists, spread out all over the Raglan area), Raglan Shuttle have you covered with their special Arts Weekend tours. Book here, and they’ll take you on a 4 to 4.5 hour guided tour around beautiful Raglan and a selection of local artists. Lunch can be included for a little extra, and it sounds totally worth it for “fresh local produce & tasty ingredients” by @EatARainbowInRaglan.

Tours start at the Old School Arts Centre, which just happens to be where I am – so pop in and say hi before you head off on your adventure!

My new digital painting featuring an “air dancer”…

Just after the last Raglan Arts Weekend, I was at my art school, The Learning Connexion in Wellington. It was supposed to be summer, but from the moment I flew in, it was all rain and gales and overcast chilliness. But we found a clear patch and sat outside, surrounded by beautiful native bush and birdsong, and daydreamed of a favourite place. Me, I flew up into the clouds in search of some sun and warmth, and the idea of the air dancer was born.

I’ll tell you all about my adventure later, but for now, here’s a sneak peek:

©2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, Detail of <i>The sky beckoned</i>. Digital painting
©2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, Detail of The sky beckoned. Digital painting

Where and when you can find me

The Raglan Arts Weekend runs from the 27th of January to the 29th of January. I’m at the Old School Arts Centre on Stewart Street, along with the lovely Marise Rarere (glass, drawing, painting, and fabric), Dominique Marriott (charcoal on paper, oil on canvas, ceramics) and Ocean Inlays Jewellery (multimedia jewellery).

We’re there from about 10am to 3pm each day.

The Old School is an easy stroll from the cafés and coffee on Bow Street, and a good place to start so you can pick up your brochure and map. The Raglan Arts Weekend exhibition is at the Old School as well, so you can see artworks from every artist, and decide which artists you might want to visit next.

So pop “Relax in the sun, see inspiring art, and go to the beach” in your calendar for the end of the month, and I’d love to see you there!