You’ll never guess what I found

You know that point in an adventure when you’ve got your map, your bags are packed, you’re raring to go, and you suddenly realise you don’t have the most important thing – a way to record the fantastic creatures you’re searching for.

Fortunately for me, in any good story, the hero will meet a seasoned traveller of the worlds who helps with training, equipment, or advice. In my case, it was my boss who suggested, and lent me a GoPro. Takes video + goes underwater!

Thus armed with my GoPro, off I went.

And I found them – the mermaids. But not strictly speaking your traditional mermaid with the body of a woman and fish tail from waist down. They still look human. Ethereal, fey water dancers with long, translucent fins. And you’ll never guess where I found them.

Erm, I wonder if Waterworld in Hamilton know they have mermaids…
Look, there’s another one!
Another one? Nope, that’s not a mermaid, that’s just me trying to hold my breath.

Huge thanks to Waterworld for letting me film and get totally waterlogged in their dive pool. My adventure continues! And stick with me, I may have water dancers, but now I need a story for them…

Keep on shining bright,



  1. you seem to be going “leaps & bounds” on this journey, never fail to amaze me where it all is destined, if it will ever be at an end…

    (I’ve just decided to apply for the Oriel Hoskins scholarship and continue my journey with TLC…now working through requirement theme stuff)

    1. And swimming and diving! 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying my adventure, Cathy. Good luck with your scholarship application!

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