Where have all the colours gone? [+ video]

One glance at my art, and you’ll see that I love colour. So why on earth is my latest collection black and white?

Light (and shadow)

These images are all about light. They’re about dancers caught in the moment, shining, doing what they love. Bright highlights wrap around long, elegant limbs. Soft reflected light washes across backgrounds. And qualities of light appear in the titles too.

To show light, you kinda have to have shadow. And the purest light and shadow is, well, black and white.

Details of my new black and white collection of artworks.
Details of my new black and white collection of artworks.

Beauty and drama in simplicity

There’s a timeless simplicity with a monochrome palette. I love these simple compositions of long lines and simple shapes – bright dancers standing out against dramatic, inky backgrounds.

Chalk and charcoal

I love getting messy with charcoal, which is what inspired this series. And even though I painted these on the computer, when they’re printed on beautiful, textured fine art paper, the images look like chalk and charcoal.

©2018, Ailene Cuthbertson, Lighthearted. Digital painting, 25 cm x 30 cm

Would you like to see how I painted this image? I made you another video! Here’s a quick behind the scenes look (it’s 5 or so hours of painting sped up rather a lot). Oh, with inspirational music too…

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Do you think you can see these images on your own walls? They’re a handy 10” x 12”, a limited edition of 10, and come unframed (so you can choose your own framing option to suit your décor) for $150. If you’re interested, send me an email at ailene@oldmountainart.com and we’ll go from there.

Until next time!