Welcome to the new Old Mountain Art!

There I was at the beginning of winter – the cold settling in, the rain coming down, daylight hours getting shorter and shorter – and I thought it seemed like a good time for a nice, warm inside project. Time to spring clean my website! You know, brush the cobwebs out of the corners, give it a bit of a refresh, shouldn’t take that long

Oh boy.

You’ve met Ailene, the artist. But I also spend a lot of time being Ailene, the nerd.

Basically, I write a lot of code – in all sorts of languages with fancy acronyms, using patterns with even fancier acronyms.
Basically, I write a lot of code – in all sorts of languages with fancy acronyms, using patterns with even fancier acronyms.

At work, I do #allthethings, from designing how information is stored in a database, to studying how actual humans interact with user interfaces and how to make them more usable. Professional nerd Ailene should have told artist Ailene that a website redesign was going to be quite a big undertaking!

Still, I have to admit, I had a great time writing a bunch of new code, learning new things, and being distracted “ooo, squirrel!” and going off on random tangents.

Here’s some of my favourites parts:

  • Exploring colour psychology and seasonal personalities (I’m an autumn: earthy, organic, passionate, with warm, intense, muted colours), making a mood board, and choosing my new brand colours.
  • Fonts and typography is fascinating! #nerd
  • Learning about the webp image format (#nerd) so if you use Chrome, all the images will load heaps faster for you.
  • It’s way easier to get in touch with me now via my new contact form (cue more nerdery hooking up a transactional email service so you get a friendly thank you email when you send me a message – go on, try it out!)
  • Learning all things copywriting, being nerdy with words, and doing a lot of writing.
  • Figuring out my core values – see if you can find them on my about page.
  • Getting out amongst the new spring blossom and taking a ton of new photos! (And then designing a new macro to edit them all in my new editing software – you guessed it: #nerd).
One of my new images - me in my studio.
One of my new images – me in my studio.

I’m so happy with my new website and I really hope you love it too (I admit, I’m fairly nervous about launching it to the world).

Please, go explore, and let me know what your favourite part is!




  1. WoW – website has radically changed, but then as you often mention #nerd, that should be expected.
    I am not a #nerd at all let alone a #geek, anything I have up online works on generic @simple.

    I am on the last part of Honours, all the artwork and most of the boxes are ticked, I just need sort out “presentation mode” which apparently must be an online entity. I’m planning on making a @#simple new artist’s f/b page as that seems to be okay as far as TLC is concerned.
    But I want it a bit different, so possibly by the end of this week, I will have printed at a self-service booth a fair few of the photos that I like of my “making” – ?paste them into some handmade notebooks and then use them real time but also photograph each page/book and put them in f/b dedicated album…
    (note this website is @simple and is actually not my artist’s website…but does have art within it…)

    1. Thanks for taking a look, Catherine! 🙂

      Simple sounds lovely. Wow, your TLC journey is almost done! I hope your artist page goes well – sounds like a lot of work, but will so be worth it. You’ll have to let me know so I can follow!

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