Vessels of Antiquity – an exhibition of history and humour

Medieval dresses, art inspired by antique history, mulled wine, a crackling fire in a garden brazier… AND a medieval choir… of course I’m going to that exhibition opening!

Tanya Hollatz and her art at The Mandarin Tree
Tanya Hollatz at the opening of her exhibition Vessels of Antiquity at The Mandarin Tree.

Vessels of Antiquity is Tanya Hollatz’s first solo exhibition and it’s a delight.

The whole exhibition is beautifully researched and crafted. Alongside each antique vessel are lovely touches of history and humour. Tanya shows us vessels from all over the globe – from ancient China and Egypt to medieval Europe and beyond. We learn that since ancient times, humans have been making remarkably sophisticated pottery. And I love how Tanya’s work has that feeling of timeless, old world sophistication.

© Tanya Hollatz, English Fuddling Cup, study, Stoneware
© Tanya Hollatz, English Fuddling Cup, study. Stoneware.

The medieval puzzle jugs are especially fun. How do you think you’d get the alcohol out of this and down your throat without spilling?

© Tanya Hollatz, Medieval Puzzle Jug, study. Earthenware.
© Tanya Hollatz, Medieval Puzzle Jug, study. Earthenware.

Woven among the pottery and painting, Tanya also explores our connection with clay. Once upon a time, even these pottery vessels started out as a nebula’s dust and gasses. That nebula formed into a planet. Over time, stone gets weathered and washed down the mountains to form clay. And after this ancient process, we dig up the clay to create pottery.

© Tanya Hollatz, Neolithic Chinese Gui, Ritual Jug, reproduction. Earthenware.
© Tanya Hollatz, Neolithic Chinese Gui, Ritual Jug, reproduction. Earthenware.

What: Vessels of Antiquity, a solo exhibition by Tanya Hollatz
Where: The Mandarin Tree, 1034 Gordonton Road, Gordonton
When: The Mandarin Tree is open Tuesday to Friday 10 am – 5 pm and Saturday 10 am – 2 pm. Vessels of Antiquity runs until the 1st of June.

PS You can also see my Spotlight collection exclusively at The Mandarin Tree. Along with a plethora of gorgeous New Zealand art.

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