The goats ate my blog post

Cali and Ivy are two bundles of goat cuteness.

Little brown goat, Cali, leaps off her log. Little white goat, Ivy, stands in the grass.
Long, radar-dish ears, wiggly tails, and innocent little sucking-on-the-hem-of-your-shirt noses.

And, at just over 557 hours old, they’ve already made massive sideways leaps into answering the most important questions in life, the universe, and everything. These are critters who have their raison d’être figured out:

  • Can I jump on it? (Answer: LOOK AT ME UP HERE!)
  • Can I eat it? (Answer: DELICIOUS!)

They did, in fact, metaphorically eat my blog post. I’ve been working away at a content project for quite some time and it turns out that playing with juvenile members of the Caprinae family is a perfect way to procrastinate!

So, I thought I’d catch you up with where I’m at:

I’d rather be nibbled to death by baby goats than force pen to paper for my next blog post. Or Instagram caption. Or email newsletter. Or artist bio. Or…

Solution: The Cultivate Your Content course by Brogan Micallef and Kathryn Hofer. 5 weeks with them and my content transformed from hard, boring + overwhelming to intentional, fun + blooming! Huzzah!

Ah-ha moment: “Sometimes, it’s not what you’re doing, but how you’re making yourself do it.” – Brogan

Takeaway: Ditch the shoulds and do it MY way.

What do I really, really want to talk about?

Solution: Lisa Sonora’s make-art-feel-better visual journalling for wellbeing. I know “changed my life” is hackneyed but have to say it! My sketchbooks are packed with learning to face the blank page, follow my intuition, and be in the moment. And, the stomach tingling joy of scraping bright coloured paint around with a plastic card. Bliss. Who knew?

My creative sketchbooks on a shelf.
My stack of creative sketchbooks.

I’ve been part of Lisa’s Creative Immersion course and after 3,287 ah-ha moments, takeaways, and breakthroughs; that’s what I want to talk about.

What do I do with my old blog posts?

Solution: Cultivate Your Content to the rescue with the bonus content audit module. I have a pretty spreadsheet (sounds a bit of an oxymoron, I know) all ready to put into action.

Ah-ha moment: I’ve blogged fairly consistently for the past NINE years – go me!

So much new content to create, so little time…

Aaand this is where I’m up to. My brain is happily coming up with reasonable-sounding ideas for why doing something new and uncomfortable is a HORRIBLE plan. I mean, wouldn’t it be so much nicer if I stayed inside with a cup of hot tea and spent the day absorbed in the latest Harry Dresden novel? Or taking little goats for a walk and watching them hoon sideways down the hill? Why yes, yes it would.

Thanks for reading. You can learn more about the Cultivate Your Content course here, and all of Lisa Sonora’s courses here. I’m not an affiliate, just a super fan of the things Brogan, Kathryn, and Lisa are putting into the world!

PS Cali and Ivy would like to contribute to this blog post. They say “aaaaaaHH”.