Start before you’re ready

I’m working on something big and scary… and I need your help!

I feel like I need to be way, way, way more prepared. But, here I am, starting before I’m ready.

(Drum roll, please).

I’m going to launch a Patreon page!

AND, I’m going to start doing more video.

So, this is me, totally starting before I’m ready. I recorded this video outside, dark clouds and rain looming, while babysitting a kid (as in, baby goat)… Yup, I was totally prepared!

Hit play and I’ll tell you all about what I’m up to, and you can meet the new kid on the block! Duration: 2 minutes If you enjoyed this video, please help me out and like + comment on YouTube!

Links I mention: my making-a-stand blog post, and the quick 1 question poll you can help me with.

Why the Patreon idea?

I’m so sick of the consumer-driven, buy, buy now. Have you noticed, you can’t move on the internet today without tripping over pushy pop-ups, ads that follow you around, and a whole bunch of other advertising strategies that users hate, but “work”. Well, me and my user experience background, we said, “enough” and made a stand. If you missed my blog post, you can read it here: all about dark patterns, needy patterns and other things I won’t do.

But my question then was, how can I make my art a sustainable practice? Especially when there are only so many hours on my Friday art days. I don’t want to spend all of my time on doing the marketing thing. What I want to be doing is get into the studio so I can paint!

What is Patreon?

Enter Patreon. Patreon is crowdfunding for artists. As a patron, you get to build a relationship with the artist and get exclusive behind-the-scenes and other secret stuff.

And that’s where I need your help. Choosing patron rewards! Let’s say you’re a patron. (Of any artist).

What rewards would you be keen on?

What would make your day a little brighter, help you share in the creative magic, inspire you, or just make you feel appreciated?

I know you’re busy so I’ve made this poll quick and easy: click here to answer my 1 question and you’re done! Your feedback will be invaluable as I set up my very own Patreon page. I really appreciate your help!

The newest member of the family - a baby goat
“The kid” aka the boot nibbler

PS If you want to see more kid cuteness, I can’t resist popping videos up on Instagram stories… I’m @OldMountainArt. Maybe see you over there!

Keep on shining bright,



  1. I personally don’t care about the Net/folk tracking me…I’m not wooed by the ads that pop up somewhere, because I was “looking/buying/other” with my personal stuff. It’s everywhere…if I was a spendthrift, or in trouble with zillion debts then maybe it’s a problem but I’m not one of those folk.
    To me it’s just part of our life fabric…the growing trend that speaks to me that, many people “need it somehow”. It might be my age and the way I grew up in rural NZ or something…

    Hope it works out for you, I know people who use Patreon have a good things to say about it.

    1. Good on you, Catherine. It’s interesting to hear different opinions and everyone will have their own which is great. Did you have any goats while growing up in rural NZ? They’re highly cute (and rather a lot of work, I’m discovering…) 🙂 And thanks, I’m hoping it’ll be fun!

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