Spring is coming, along with a project that’s almost finished

I started writing this post a couple of weeks ago, and as soon as I wrote, “spring is here!” we were plunged into bitter frosts, gales, rain, storms, and power outages. So… spring is coming!

I have a list of 3 things that make me start to hope for sun and warmer weather:

Lambs ✔

Our little ones arrived! Here's me feeding mum and dad their sheep nuts.
Our little ones arrived!

They, and their mum, are actually white but due to the aforementioned rain (and more rain) everyone is a dirty, wet mudball. The lambs are at the stage where they’ve discovered they can sproing and they happily chase each other all around the paddock (for about 10 minutes, then it’s time for a nap).

Daffodils ✔

Daffodils are my favourite flowers. They look so happy.
Daffodils are my favourite flowers. They look so happy.

My partner planted these for me as a surprise (so sweet) and I love seeing them pop up and smile when the weather gets warmer. We just have to keep the cows away from them – apparently they make good snacks.

Cherry blossom ✔

So pink! And so noisy!
So pink! And so noisy!

On a sunny day, stand under the tree in full bloom and you can barely hear yourself think. The bees are madly buzzing and the tuis are singing, cackling, clicking and warbling as they dance and scrap with each other through the branches. We love having the native birds around – one time we counted 30 of them in that tree!

Spring must be on the way…

And it feels like a nice time to freshen things up. So, being a nerd, I’ve been sprucing up my website – writing lots, taking lots of photos, and yes, nerding about with code lots too. I’m almost ready for the big reveal! Give me a few more weeks, and you’ll be able to see my new galleries, new home page, and totally re-written about page with all sorts of behind-the-scenes gems. And of course, my new photos, colours, and fonts (that took me far too long, but I had fun). I can’t wait to show you!

So keep an eye out, and until then, I hope spring decides to show up soon. How about you? What are your plans for the warmer weather?




  1. looking spring like even if spring hasn’t quite got it’s act together. right now I’m in rest/recovery when one of my body parts threw such a wobbly that the surgeon said “out you go gall bladder” – I hadn’t been terribly well much of this winter, so it might have been “pointers” which may or may not have helped…
    for now, not making any art, even though there is a pile to accomplish for Honours but I’ll get there…and this ooopsy has certainly made me “think on” with art…and.life

    1. Getting there thought! The sun has come out to play lately which has been so nice.

      Oh, that’s no good, Catherine. I hope you get lots of rest and refresh time, and you can get back to your art making soon!

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