Searching for mermaids: the call to adventure

An ordinary Friday night curled up on the sofa, watching Supernatural on TV, lazily making reading an old map. The map must be really old. The paper is crinkly and stained the colour of coffee, with pencilled-in handwritten placenames you can barely make out.

Then (just as Sam and Dean were saying goodbye to another restless spirit), above “Murk” and across from “The Wilds” I read the two words that started it all: “Mermaid Cove”.

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Nah, I thought, it’ll just be some local legend when a not-so-sober fisherman glimpsed a posse of seals sunbathing on the rocks.

But then… what if there were mermaids to be found?

So I did what any good adventurer does next – search through the ancient tomes of lore for obscure paragraphs about these mythical creatures. Well, find a David Attenborough documentary to watch.

Did you know that in certain places, currents from the deep hit the island’s side and swell upwards. The currents carry nutrients that attracts huge amounts of ocean life. And all those little plankton-eating critters are dinner for larger fish, who in their turn, attract sharks. But not all sharks come to eat – hammerheads can gather in thousands but they’re there because the local fish provide a cleaning service.

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Sounds like the sort of place one might find mermaids.

The whole ocean lives in cycles. Sunset sparks the largest migration of life on the planet with a thousand million tonnes of sea creatures coming up from the deep to munch on phytoplankton. At dawn, everyone returns to their dark depths. The daily pull of the moon creates tides, and some creatures rely on the very high or low tides created in the moon’s monthly waxing and waning. Many ocean wanderers follow the annual cycle of the sun and the seasons, searching for food and a place to breed.

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Spring sounds like an ideal time to go looking.

I’m in luck! If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll notice that it’s definitely spring right now (complete with dancing daffodils, blossom, lambs, far too many chicks and even a baby seal).

So, gather up your adventurer’s kit – we’re going searching for mermaids!

Keep on shining bright,



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