Revealed! My air dancer digital painting: The sky beckoned

This is it! From first meeting the air dancers to finding inspirations and starting to sketch, I’m so proud to show you the final painting.

But first, imagine this. You’re standing on the edge of the cliff. Spread out in front of you is the great unknown. You can’t decide if you’re excited, or terrified, or both! If you leap, there’s a chance you could fall and tumble into the void of failure below. But, there’s also a chance that you could fly. Do you leap? Or, do you back slowly away?

This golden girl took the leap. Here’s what happened:

©2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, The sky beckoned. Digital painting
©2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, The sky beckoned. Digital painting

The sky beckoned, so she let go, and flung herself to the wind. Air whistled past her, whipped her hair and her skirts, and laughed with her in wild exhilaration. She didn’t fall. She soared – reaching toward the warmth of the sun, fingers trailing through fire-soaked clouds, tasting sky. And in the moment of rebirth, she understood her power.

This image is a digital painting. And since it’s created on the computer, I’ve started to experiment with screen captures so you can see some of my painting process. Here you go – hit play to see my 1-minute making of “The sky beckoned”.

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If you can see this painting brightening your own wall, email me She’s an archival giclée print on fine art paper and comes beautifully framed in two sizes:

  • A2 (420 x 594 mm) is a limited edition of 25 and is $500 (like in the photo below)
  • A0 (841 x 1189 mm) is a special limited edition of 5 and is $1200

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this painting. What do you feel when you look at her?

©2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, Detail of The sky beckoned. Digital painting
©2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, Detail of The sky beckoned. Digital painting

The end (of this adventure…)




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