The open studio can still come to you – online!

Due to COVID-19 and the lockdown, the Raglan Arts Weekend is postponed.

No wait, stay with me! That’s all for the ‘COVID-19 announcement’, I promise.

The only other thing I’ll say is that I hope you’re well. And that you’re finding ways to look after your headspace too. For me that looks like: journalling, creative practice in my sketchbook, dancing, social closeness with pets, and simple mindfulness exercises (oh hey, there’s a blog post about mindfulness in my archives – here you go).

© 2020, Ailene Cuthbertson, ... sweeping over the hills and into the sky.. Digital fine art print on archival paper, 89 cm x 42 cm.
Hanging at the (now closed) Raglan Arts Weekend Preview Exhibition. © 2020, Ailene Cuthbertson, … sweeping over the hills and into the sky.. Digital fine art print on archival paper, 89 cm x 42 cm.

Right. With that said, now that there’s no Raglan Arts Weekend and we’re all staying at home…

Let’s do the tour of my studio online!

I’ve got an extremely cunning plan, a trusty GoPro studio assistant, and Kepler goat says he’ll help (probably by eating the plan and/or the GoPro). Let’s do this!

It’ll all be happening right here over Easter. If you have family or friends who’d be interested, please share!

With the official event postponed, I’m not sure what other artists are doing. But you can find everyone and all their details on the Raglan Arts Weekend website.

Ailene and Kepler the goat.
Me and my little helper, Kepler. You’ll be seeing a bit of him around, I imagine!

In the meantime, if you’re in need of some art and inspiration… 

I’m not the only one moving the party online. Right now, galleries, museums, and exhibitions all over the country – and the world – are closed. So, many have found ways for you to enjoy their art from home. Here’s a roundup of my faves for you.

(Heads up, you’re going to want to get a hot cuppa before you dive into the rabbit hole!)

  • The Wellington Portrait Gallery have a series of short videos with guest curator Maria Brown who shows us around the “Bill Sutton: A Good Idea” exhibition. Watch the first video here.
  • Heading overseas, the Uffizi Gallery in Italy is famous for its Italian Renaissance collection. You can explore via Google Maps and Instagram.
  • Over to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, which is home to the largest collection by Dutch Golden Age masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer. You can virtually visit via their own app and Instagram.
  • Across to London, the National Portrait Gallery has a LOT of portraits. Explore some of the rooms here.
  • In Washington D.C., the National Gallery of Art has an amazingly wide variety of art. You can take a virtual tour of their exhibitions on their website and Instagram.

I hope you enjoy! Thanks so much for reading. Stay safe and take care.