Puts things into perspective

The last couple of weeks have been a lesson in perspective.

I was really stressed and nervous about telling you about my Patreon plans. I’ve been procrastinating about it for a looong time. You know, what if everyone thinks I’m crazy? Or it’s a stupid idea? Or (gasp) ignores me completely and no one even signs up?!

So, I’ve made you another video to tell you what’s been going on. Hit play to find out, see more cute goat antics, and I’m going to be making a gift for you to say, ‘thanks’!

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Links I mention: the quick 1 question poll where you can vote on the artwork you’d like!

The baby goat…

So, the week I finally hit publish on the blog post, baby goat gets an infection and was suddenly fighting fever, dehydration, and very upset tummy. Which, when you’re 4 days old, isn’t good news. Cue, goat hospital.

Baby goat on top of his playground.
He’s a fighter though – and we’ve got the beans back!

The newborn calf…

But, just as kidlet was on the mend, we had to help one of our heifers with a difficult birth – small cow, calf with a big head. I gotta say, new life is a pretty cool way to start the day!

Usually, little calf will heave itself up, wobble around, and find the milk bar. This guy was so weak, he did the wobbling right back down to the ground. And then it started raining. Sheets of it. With wind. Not cool when you’re not even a day old and haven’t had anything to drink yet…

The newborn calf with his mum - just born.
But he’s a fighter too. And after several days of human help, and he’s back to being mum’s problem!

The lambs…

Then last week mum sheep has triplets. She’s been an excellent mum, up until now… But, suddenly we had lamb hospital.

And I’m sorry, but this one doesn’t have a happy ending. In spite of vet visit and round the clock care, we couldn’t save the two littlest. Heartbreaking.

The lamb in front of his new home.
This little guy is doing well. He has a new mum. And is now flatting with little goat.

The Patreon page…

So for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been making bucket loads of milk, washing animal rugs, taking temperatures, making hay beds, running down to the vets for supplies, and (a lot) of cleaning. I haven’t had a second to do any art, or make any progress on my Patreon page.

But you know what? I’m not stressing about the whole thing Patreon any more. Here was me worrying about “what everyone might think”. Sick baby animals have life or death worries… 

Puts things into perspective.

And a thank you…

And you’ve been wonderful! Thank you so much for helping me choose my Patreon rewards. I got a ton of votes for digital wallpapers, so I want to make you one to say ‘thanks’!

I’ve made another quick 1-question poll so you can vote on the artwork you’d like!

Thank you, I’m grateful for your support!

Keep on shining bright,



  1. I chose “shining” as I think I would like it to stitch over a little more. I’m in the process of making 2 black/white books (oops they are queued…). I think I could probably fold that paper in half as a signature-page.

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