Progress, exhibitions, painting + your digital wallpaper gift!

So much happening! Patreon progress, up-coming exhibitions, painting progress for my new collection, and of course, a baby animal update. And most importantly, your digital wallpaper gift! Okay, I’ll try and make this quick. Here goes!

You can watch the latest episode of my video diary here (complete with more baby goat and lamb antics):

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Links I mention: download your wallpaper gift here. And let me know what you think!

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Free digital wallpaper of "Can't help but dance" by Ailene Cuthbertson. A ballerina sits in the morning sunlight, white skirts pooling around her, tying the laces on her pointe shoes.

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Patreon progress

I’m so glad I just went ahead, started before I was ready, and told you my plans. Otherwise, I’m sure I’d still be bogged down in research (what IS the best way to structure your reward tiers?) or compiling my to do list (at the moment, it seems like every time I tick off a task, I add 3 more!)

But I’m getting there! Please bear with me. And cross fingers for some sun so I can film my welcome video… (current weather: rain, more rain, thunderstorms, and rain).

Upcoming exhibitions

Four of them – all in the next 2 months!

ARTBOX.PROJECTS Zürich 1.0 2019. Ailene Cuthbertson - The sky beckoned
  1. I’m stoked to have my The sky beckoned accepted into ARTBOX.PROJECTS Zürich 1.0, showing from the 15th – 19th of August.
  2. Next up, our Raglan Art collective is hosting a Spring exhibition at the Raglan Old School Arts Centre during the month of September. We’re planning an opening for the 1st, the first day of spring, so pop the date in your diary.
  3. At the end of September (20th – 22nd for your diary), I’m proud to be supporting Auckland’s Carmel College with their ArtFusions Art Exhibition.
  4. And Raglan Art is keeping busy with another group exhibition, this time at Welcome Swallow Gift Shop and Gallery in Hamilton East. The opening is at the end of September on the 27th.

You’re invited to all of them! Keep an eye out for your invitations and details closer to the time. (Although I do understand if you can’t make the one in Zürich, Switzerland…)

Painting progress on my new collection

Screen capture: painting my Rembrandt-inspired, fantasy artwork for my new collection.

I’ve been painting every chance I can get. My Rembrandt-inspired, fantasy piece is in the final stages (I hope – it always takes longer than I think). I can’t wait to share it with you! And, yes, I have lots of screen captures of the painting process so I can make a behind-the-scenes timelapse video.

And the baby animals

After the last few weeks, I’m happy to say everyone’s going well! We’re up to 3 calves now and they play complicated games of tag together. Because it’s calving season, I go up and check on the cows a lot – and take the baby goat and lamb with me for walks!

Phew! That’s all for now. Remember to download your wallpaper gift here.

Quick question: How are you liking my new videos? I’m having a LOT of fun creating them for you. I just want to make sure you’re enjoying them too!

Keep on shining bright,