The bloopers and behind the scenes [+ video]

Thank you so much for virtually visiting my art studio over Easter!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the start of my new art collection and all the new things I’m doing in the studio. As well as, of course, the goat antics.

This was such a fun lockdown project for me. I got to film outside in the sun and hang with my little goat and sheep friends. I got to experiment and get all creative with the editing. And I was trying something new, flexing creative muscles, and following my curiosity.

Now, I thought I’d make you a video of the bits you didn’t see – the (hopefully) fun bloopers and behind the scenes.

Kepler the goat is investigating the camera with his nose.
Goat nose!

Here’s what really happened while filming.

Words just didn’t want to come out, the goat randomly walked into shots, and oh joy, and sounds of the country. Plus, find out which GoPro feature alternated between highly useful and highly irritating, and see my nomination for the Worst Overacting award!

Watch time: 3 minutes. If you enjoyed this video, please help me out and like + comment on YouTube!

If you haven’t seen all of my online studio tour yet, you can head on over here to keep watching.

Here’s to following your joy and curiosity, chilling out, and not taking things tooooo seriously!