Meet Brodie and Toni – my Raglan Arts Weekend buddies

I’m delighted to introduce two of my fellow Raglan Arts Weekend artists – Brodie Reynolds and Toni Kingstone. We’re all having our open studios at the Nau Mai Business Park this weekend. (Yes, the arts trail is fast approaching!)

Here’s the inside scoop on their art and inspirations, how they got on during lock down, and what they’re working on now.

Brodie Reynolds

Brodie is a painter, working mostly in oil paints to create mystical nature scenes, both real and imagined.

Brodie Reyonds, artist, with her art.
Brodie Reyonds. Photo used with permission.

I am inspired by the concept of time and space, pockets of stillness amongst an often chaotic world, and of course the beauty in nature.

I think a lot of processing went on during lock down for me. Although I wasn’t always able to get into my studio due to home schooling, I was still able to keep my imagination alive by not only slowing down, but by seeing this wonderful world through the eyes of my daughter. 

I think it’s pretty tricky these days to be a full time artist, so there’s always a real juggle going on.

Part of my expression is exploring the notion of what can be seen or felt when we allow ourselves to be present.

I’m excited to be working on some round canvases this year, I love the idea of a porthole, a moment seen through your own unique soul window, a cell of life, or alternatively, an entire universe of thought and feeling.

Brodie Reynolds

You can find Brodie at

Toni Kingstone

Toni creates peaceful landscapes, incorporating hidden forms and coastal inspired abstract work using acrylic and resin.

With the break in routine, lock down gave me time to experiment and develop my ‘Horizon’ series of abstract fluid acrylic and resin work. I’ve been using a palette knife to create marbled effects, working with more complex colour combinations and introducing highlights of gold, silver and copper which give an added depth under the resin.

With the theme ‘Talking about Climate Change’ for the Raglan Arts Weekend Preview Exhibition came the opportunity to try something new. I took the brief very ‘literally’ and carefully positioned typed words about climate change and rising sea levels to construct an abstract seascape, using snippets of opposing opinions and facts to provoke thought. This has now led me into a new series of work incorporating text – ‘People, Places, Things’ – further exploring social and environmental issues.

Toni Kingstone
Toni Kingstone, artist, in her studio pouring resin.
Toni Kingstone in her studio, pouring resin. Photo used with permission.

Connect with Toni on Facebook or Instagram for more peeks into her studio and her art. You can find her website at

And, of course, you can meet us all this long weekend at the Raglan Arts Weekend! Look for the pink and turquoise flags on State Highway 23, just out of Raglan. See you there!