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The doors swung open on my new Patreon page just last week! I’m so grateful for all the encouragement and support you’ve sent my way. I’ve also, quite understandably, had a few questions about how it all works and what you can expect.

So I thought I’d answer them here in case you have the very same question! (Ok, this is kinda a lot… but I added some of the questions I’ve had being a patron as well!)

Et violà.

What exactly is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership platform where you can support creatives and artists with a monthly pledge. And in return, you get exclusive benefits – things like even MORE behind-the-scenes, early access, and other neat rewards. If you’d rather just watch a short video, here you go!

Why have you chosen to start a Patreon page?

I think Patreon will be a great way for us to connect. There’s no icky marketing, or mysterious ‘algorithm’ deciding what you see… or not… I get to invite you into my studio, show you around, and share all the messy magic behind-the-scenes. And you can add your voice to the creative process, or just watch it unfold.

What will my support help you do?

Your support will help me make more art! It helps me get into the studio, put pen to tablet, and bring my imagination to life. And I dream of being able to source costumes, or props like jewellery or wigs. Or be able to go location to find backdrops – New Zealand has the most stunning landscapes.

What if I don’t join? Will you still do blog posts and email newsletter updates from the studio?

Absolutely! Thank you so much for being here! You’ll still come along on my art adventures, find out what I’m creating, and get invites to exhibitions and events.

What have you got planned this month?

Ooo this one’s exciting! I’ve just finished the very first artwork for my new collection. You can currently see it beautifully printed, framed, and on the wall at our Raglan Art spring exhibition.

So next up, I’m going to film and edit a behind-the-scenes and time-lapse video.

Me, hanging my new painting at our Raglan Art Spring exhibition.
Me, hanging my new painting at our Raglan Art Spring exhibition. On now at the Raglan Old School Arts Centre!

You’ll get to see my nerdy research into Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age, how I translated Rembrandt’s palette and process into a digital medium, and of course, the layers and layers and layers of painting.

(And for patrons, if you’re in my Come on in behind the scenes tier or higher, you get early access to the director’s cut!)

Then, I’m going to start planning my next painting. For that, I’ll need a new story, background, costume, wyvern maquettes… and who knows what else! As a patron, you’ll be getting all the inspiration, details, mess, magic, bloopers… things I don’t share anywhere else at this stage!

To join, do I need a Patreon account?

Yup, you do – but an account is easy to set up. You can sign up here (and choose the ‘Pay a creator’ option).

To become a patron, here are easy-to-follow instructions with screenshots (and make sure you do the first step: give yourself a high five for being amazing and joining a creator’s community!)

What currency am I charged in?

Annoyingly, all Patreon payments are charged in US dollars. Which unfortunately means you’ll get the ol’ conversion and transaction fees.

Do you keep my credit card details?

No, Patreon handles the billing side of things. I never see your credit card details at all.

Can I cancel my payment or update the amount?

Certainly – at any time. It’s totally up to you. Go here for details on how to cancel your payment, and here for how you can update the amount.

How do I make sure I don’t get too many emails?

You get a lot of control over which emails you’d like to get. Go here for how you can do that. (Oh, and if you have the Patreon app, you could choose to turn off all email notifications and only get notified via the app instead).

Wait, there’s a Patreon app?

Yes, and it’s a great way for you to stay up-to-date and engage with posts and updates. It’s also where you can see Lens posts – a content sharing feature where you can easily view exclusive, behind-the-scenes content from your creators. Here’s a guided tour of the app to help you find your way around.

That’s all for now! Got a question I haven’t answered? Feel free to email me (I’d love to hear from you!) Or if you prefer to explore Patreon’s help centre, it’s right over here.

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Keep on shining bright,