You’re invited: celebrate spring with our Raglan Art exhibition

It’s nearly spring! And on the 1st of September (officially spring), we’re celebrating by opening our Raglan Art Spring exhibition at the Raglan Old School Arts Centre.

You’re invited!

Come from 3 – 5 pm, have a glass of bubbles, chat to the artists, and soak up the art. It promises to be bright, colourful, and lots of flowers.

The exhibition is open until the end of September. And we’re planning an exciting Meet the artists weekend. All the exhibiting artists will be at the Old School, being ‘artists at work’ so you can come and visit and see how we do what we do! We’ll be there Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of September, 12 – 2 pm.

Raglan Art invitation poster.

See my new painting

I did it! I finished the painting with my little wyvern! (Juust finished – if it weren’t digital, the paint would still be drying!) Here’s a sneak peek:

Sneak peek of my new painting, fresh from the printer. Trying to choose a frame... so many options!
Portrait of Woman with a Hatchling, fresh from the printer!

It’ll head off to our exhibition soon. And I’m pretty sure people are going to look at this and wonder what on earth it has to do with spring!

I get it. When I usually think of spring, it’s the pink-blossomed cherry trees covered in a hoard of swooping tuis. The daffodils on the driveway popping up their sunny little heads. And the lambs being born and skipping around the paddock with mum.

And NONE of that made it into the painting! But, behind the scenes, this painting does actually represent my spring.

It’s the start of rejuvenation for me – the first big painting I’ve done in quite some time. And it also represents a lot of new growth. There are new lighting techniques, a new way of creating a colour palette, new brushes, and different painting techniques to explore, learn, and grow into.

More than that, it’s a tribute

The months leading up to this spring have been tough. We have so much new life happening – calves, lambs, and even the baby goat. But it certainly hasn’t been all lambs prancing through daffodils…

So this painting, with the little hatchling, is a tribute to all the babies and their mums this spring.

The easy births. The long, exhausting labours. The difficult births where humans got there in time to help. And the ones they didn’t. The stillborns. The labours where mum is injured and goes down. Day 0 babies shivering in the slashing rain and biting wind. The babies with protective mums, nudging little bottoms in the direction of food. The abandoned babies, left in the cold, an upside-down heap at the bottom of the hill, in the corner of the paddock. The rejected babies, scampering up and down the fenceline, crying and crying. The rescued babies, confused and desperately hungry, trying to figure out how to drink from a bottle. The sick babies fighting infections, fevers, and scours. The little ones who couldn’t make it, life heartbreakingly extinguished before it’s barely even started. And the ones who survived and thrived, and are now hooning up and down the paddocks, tails in the air, in the sun.

What: Raglan Art Spring exhibition
Where: Old School Arts Centre, 5 Stewart Street, Raglan

  • Opening: Saturday, 1st of September from 3 – 5 pm
  • Exhibition open: daily from 10 am to 2 pm, until the 29th of September
  • Meet the artist days: Saturday the 14th & Sunday the 15th of September, 12 – 2 pm

PS Did you see my digital wallpaper gift for you last week to say ‘thanks’? If you haven’t grabbed it yet, you can download it right here.