Introducing a beautiful ballerina with a dream

Paige Cockerton, 15, is going to be a professional ballerina

I first saw Paige dance years and years ago. So when I went to one of her dance competitions to take photos recently, I knew she was good, but wow. She’s gone from a serious young thing, moving with intense concentration (so cute), to a beautifully poised young ballerina.

One of my gorgeous practice shots of Paige.
One of my gorgeous practice shots of Paige.

Paige’s dream role is the lead in the romantic ballet, Giselle

So our exciting, secret project is to make that happen (with a little help from some digital magic). I feel like a fairy godmother!

Giselle is your typical could-happen-to-anyone, happy-ever-after ballet… The beautiful, innocent peasant girl, Giselle, discovers the man she loves is really the prince, Albrecht, and he’s engaged to another. Giselle dies heartbroken and mad with grief. But then she rises to join the wilis, ghost of jilted brides whose main aim is to dance men to death. When the wilis capture Albrecht, she ends up saving his life then returns to her grave to rest in peace.

Which all sounds a tad ridiculous…

But after a spot of research and watching Giselle by a bunch of different ballet companies, I realised there’s a real depth to this story and its characters. Although the details might change between interpretations, Giselle is always a strong heroine who finds the strength for the ultimate act of forgiveness and love.

My first sketches of Giselle’s story.
My first sketches of Giselle’s story.

Giselle’s story, danced by Paige

I’m so excited about this series. And I get to photograph a dancer who can do amazing stuff like this!

One of my gorgeous practice shots of Paige.
One of my gorgeous practice shots of Paige.

And all that romance, love, betrayal, heartbreak, madness, ghosts, revenge and forgiveness I promised you last time? It’s all coming, as Paige and I show you the story of Giselle.

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  1. how fabulous – and poignant type of story for you to graphically enhance with a simply wonderful young woman dancer driving (dancing) toward her dream… and of course your dream of portraying life in a vastly different way. congrats

    1. Oh yes, I’m loving this series Cathy! I get to show a strong, brave heroine and her world, I get to work with an amazing, talented model, and how awesome to create something so special. 🙂

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