Giselle begs Myrtha for mercy

We’re up to the 7th piece in my Giselle series with Paige. This is where Giselle has to make a very hard decision – vengeance, or forgiveness? This is the big emotional finale, so here we go!

One by one the wilis glide back into their haunted glade and surround Albrecht. Myrtha mercilessly condemns him to dance until he dies.
Giselle begs Myrtha to let Albrecht go, but the queen refuses. In desperation, Giselle leads Albrecht to stand by her grave where he is protected from Myrtha’s magic by the cross.
Myrtha is furious. She may be powerless over Albrecht where he stands, but she can still command Giselle, her wili.
“Dance,” she orders, and Giselle has to obey. Albrecht watches Giselle’s unearthly dancing and he can’t resist. He leaves the safety of the cross to dance with her.

Giselle and Albrecht’s beautiful dance continues for what seems like forever. But Albrecht’s strength is fading and he begins to falter and trip.
Desperately, Giselle begs Myrtha for mercy, casting Albrecht’s lilies at her feet.

“I forgive him!” she cries.

Myrtha is unmoved and her wilis force Albrecht to dance faster and wilder. He leaps and spins, exhausted and nearing collapse.
The only thing Giselle can do is dance with him, trying to sustain him, even as he trips and falls.

TL;DR (too long; didn’t read): The wilis capture Albrecht in the forest. Myrtha, the queen of the wilis, condemns him to dance until he dies from exhaustion. Giselle pleads with Myrtha for mercy, but Myrtha is unmoved. Giselle tries to help Albrecht by dancing with him.

This is Paige dancing Giselle #7

©2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, <i>Mercy</i>. Photograph, 30 cm x 30 cm
©2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, Mercy. Photograph, 30 cm x 30 cm

If a handsome stranger turned up on your village and swept you off your feet… and then he goes and breaks your heart so you die from grief… then you’re reawakened as a vengeful spirit and have the chance for revenge… what would you do? Personally, I vote for smearing his toes with peanut butter and letting the ducks nibble him to death. But Giselle makes a very brave choice.

(If you missed all that, you can read all about the series here).

Paige and I had tons of fun shooting the photos for this one. I only had one lily, so I had to get Paige to cast her lily again, and again, and again. You can see Paige’s expression in the photos going from pleading to giggles the more she threw the lily. But that’s ok, we got everything I needed to work my digital magic.

Next time…

We’re nearly done – only 1 more to go! Get out the box of tissues, it’s going to get emotional.

So what’s my next art project? Well… I do have another secret project in the works. It involves a belly dancer and one of the greatest love stories you’ve probably never heard of…

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