It’s here! Your (online) arts weekend studio tour

Happy Easter! Even thought this isn’t exactly how I thought I’d be spending the long weekend…

Yesterday, I was going to be setting up for a different sort of open studio. Hanging artworks, straightening artworks, re-straightening artworks, sticking up labels, spreading out postcards, putting out the bright Raglan Arts Weekend flags, sharing crazy goat stories with Toni and Greg, popping over the way for a morning coffee…

And I was totally looking forward to saying ‘hello’ to you in person!

But instead, here we are. Strange times.

I didn’t have a plan for this online tour except to make a creative and fun lockdown project. Something to get me outside in the sun and hang out with my little sheep and goat buddies. Something for you to enjoy. And, hopefully, add a little light and beauty to a world that’s on pause.

Here you go: my ‘open studio’ series of videos

Your online arts weekend studio tour. Welcome! Click here to go the tour.

👉 It’s all happening right over here.

Feel free to peruse at your leisure. Come and virtually visit Raglan, see my brand new collection inspired by connecting and engaging with nature, as well as my sketchbook/planner/journal that’s bringing everything together. Plus, of course, plenty of guest appearances by the real star of the show – Kepler the goat (who is my not-so-secret, not-so-hidden Easter egg for you).

So go on, have a watch, soak in some art and inspiration, see some behind the scenes, and smile at the goat antics.

I hope you and yours are doing ok. Take care and have a wonderful long weekend.