What a beautiful morning for Giselle to be dancing

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas (and trifle for breakfast on Boxing Day) and Happy New Year! Here’s the next installment of Giselle’s story.

Giselle catches sight of Loys, the handsome peasant who has captured her heart. She’s suddenly shy. Loys charms her with sweet words and a vow of eternal love.

Giselle wants to test Loys’ love for her. She skips over to the garden and picks a single white daisy. It’s a beautiful flower, full of innocence, loyal love and new beginnings. She dances over to the wooden bench, sits, and plucks a petal. She smiles at Loys.
“He loves me.”
She plucks the next petal and shakes her head sadly.
“He loves me not.”
Giselle pauses and counts the rest of the petals. With a cry she lets the flower slip between her fingers to the ground. He doesn’t love her!

My sketches of Giselle’s story from the ballet

Loys quickly retrieves the unfaithful daisy and, unseen by Giselle, tears off one petal.
“Look,” he shows Giselle, “I do love you!”
Giselle is happy. She and Loys dance in the morning sun.

A handsome young gamekeeper rushes towards them, interrupting their dance. Hilarion loves Giselle, and is jealous of Loys.
“I love you truly,” he declares to Giselle, “Not this stranger!”
He and Loys quarrel and Hilarion, in a temper, draws his dagger. At the flash of steel, Loys reaches to his hip, too late realising that he has no sword. Hilarion is confused and suspicious. Why would a peasant reach for a nobleman’s sword? He reluctantly goes, leaving Loys to coax Giselle back to happiness.

This is Paige dancing Giselle #2

(If you missed the first one, you can read about it here.)

"He loves me. He loves me not." by Ailene. Photograph (In progress)

It’s interesting the random things you learn. Did you know that the game of “he loves me, he loves me not” is French in origin, “effeuiller la marguerite”? Or that the word “daisy” is Old English for “day’s eye”, because it opens its petals to greet the day? It was interesting digging into the meaning of the daisy too: innocence, true love, loyal love, the sender can keep a secret, new beginnings. The innocent Giselle truly loves Loys, but he does he love Giselle? He certainly seems to have a secret. And what new beginnings could there be?

Next time…

It’s autumn in the village, and everyone’s celebrating the harvest. Giselle is dancing joyfully. You can read it here.

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  1. loving your research as well of course your Giselle and her ballet, shoes and all…

    thanks for sharing the journey and good luck for Raglan Festival

    1. Thanks so much Cathy! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. I’ve been loving it. 🙂 I’m totally looking forward to the Raglan Arts Weekend. Not far away now… 😀

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