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“My sweet, my rose”

By Ailene Cuthbertson. Danced by Elena Spektor.

© 2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, “My sweet, my rose”. Photograph, 30 cm x 30 cm.
© 2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, “My sweet, my rose”. Photograph, 30 cm x 30 cm.

A belly dancer in a scarlet dress dances among the roses of a spring garden.

History knows Hürrem by many names. She was born Aleksandra, but among the Ottomans she was called Roxelana, the Ruthenian one, a nickname referring to her Rusyn (Ukrainian) heritage.

She soon caught Suleiman’s attention and became one of his favourite consorts. He named her Hürrem, meaning the cheerful one.

You may also see her called Hürrem Haseki Sultan. She was the first to bear the title of Haseki Sultan, meaning chief consort or single favourite of the sultan.

And thus, one of the greatest romances in history begins…

  • Title “My sweet, my rose”
  • Artist Ailene Cuthbertson
  • Medium Photograph
  • Year 2017

Part of the Hürrem collection

A slave girl’s sultry glance and swirl of skirts captures the heart of a Sultan. Here’s where splashes of rich colour weave through one of history’s greatest love stories.

“My one and only love” is digital art, giclée printed with long-life ink on 100% cotton rag fine art paper – a high quality print that will last a lifetime.

©2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, “My sweet, my rose”. Photograph, 30 cm x 30 cm

This print is a limited edition of 10, and comes in one size, 12″ x 12″ (30 cm x 30 cm).

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Professionally framed with a classic, antique-feel, off-white frame, and UV protective glass, ready to hang
$410 NZD

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It seems like every single picture tells not just a little story about Hürrem’s life but also conveys emotions she could feel during a particular period of her life.