The Giselle collection

Paige dances her dream ballet, Giselle


Flying grand jetés, sweeping arabesques, and twirling pirouettes

Aspiring ballerina, Paige, had come a long way since I’d first seen her dance – a serious wee thing practicing for her very first performance in front of an audience.

I asked Paige, how will you know when you’ve made it as a dancer? The answer came back straight away:

When she’s performed Giselle.

First performed in Paris, 1841, Giselle is a classic, romantic ballet.

Amongst autumn golds and oranges, Act I is set in a medieval village, where a peasant girl’s love turns to heartbreak. Act II is the domain of ethereal, ghostly spirits called the Willis. Long tulle skirts shine in the moonlight – and revenge gives way to courageous forgiveness.

Giselle, danced by Paige

Behind the scenes

Want to see how this collection came together? Find out what makes Giselle such an enchanting heroine, see behind the scenes of the photoshoot, and watch the digital magic that created each image – all in my “making of” video:

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Raw photograph of Paige dancing Giselle at the Hamilton Gardens. Not very ghostly or moonlit!

A huge thanks to our very own artistic director (Paige’s mum), and behind-the-scenes photographer (Paige’s dad). And of course, thank you Paige, my inspiring model, who kindly didn’t laugh tooo much at my attempts at ballet poses, and made it look so easy (even on grass!)

Giving back

Part of the proceeds from the sale of these prints go to Paige to help with her dance dreams.