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The sky beckoned

By Ailene Cuthbertson

© 2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, The sky beckoned. Digital painting.
© 2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, The sky beckoned. Digital painting.

But what if you flew… The air dancer soars through the golds and reds of a sunrise.

The sky beckoned, so she let go, and flung herself to the wind.

Air whistled past her, whipped her hair and her skirts, and laughed with her in wild exhilaration.

She didn’t fall. She soared – reaching toward the warmth of the sun, fingers trailing through fire-soaked clouds, tasting sky.

And in the moment of rebirth, she understood her power.

  • Title The sky beckoned
  • Artist Ailene Cuthbertson
  • Medium Digital painting
  • Year 2017

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Part of the fantasy collection

Inspired by escaping into (& writing my own) fantasy stories. Stand in the forgotten wasteland of the fire dancers, awaken a legend, sing with water dancers, or twirl in sparking firelight…

The sky beckoned

is digital art, giclée printed with long-life ink on 100% cotton rag fine art paper – a high quality print that will last a lifetime.

© 2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, The sky beckoned. Digital painting.
© 2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, The sky beckoned. Digital painting.

This print comes professionally framed with a dark frame, ready to hang.

Detail of the frame for the limited edition fine art prints by Ailene Cuthbertson

Update: Unfortunately, this lovely frame is no longer available from the supplier. Until I choose a new frame for this collection, I have limited prints available with this one. Email me at or fill out the form below and I’ll let you know.

Choose from two print sizes:

The medium size is A2 (42 cm x 60 cm)
and is limited edition of 25

The large size is A0 (84 cm x 119 cm)
and is limited edition of 5

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What appealed to me most about [Ailene’s] art was how each piece both told a story in itself and linked with other paintings and the other figures to a wider story as well.

You feel like you have a chapter, a piece of the narrative, while the story continues to unfold elsewhere.

Also, each piece has its own strong, vibrant palette and colouration – almost again like a separate chapter – so I was able to buy the individual piece that spoke to me and fit with my home and other art easily.

Gareth from Cambridge

I like Ailene’s art because it seems like every picture is alive. I feel like it’s not just a picture, it’s a kind of unsaid story that makes me look closer and wonder about it.

I bought my favourite print and have told all my friends to look at Ailene’s art. My favourite painting is “Does the dance of the Sashiana mean anything to you?”. I loved it at first sight. I belly dance, and the artwork reminds me that there are people who share my passion for dancing.

Lena from Tauranga