The fantasy collection

Images from the land of escapism


Sometimes, adventures arrive without warning.

You step into a wardrobe and suddenly find yourself brushing past spikey, snow-covered tree branches instead of soft fur coats.

Or a wizard turns up on your doorstep, specifically looking for someone to share in an adventure.

But most of the time, well, you have to find your own…

I’ve read a lot of fantasy novels. And I’ve written myself into my own stories since I was at school and staring out the classroom window, wishing I were somewhere, anywhere else.

I turned into elven rangers, the stolen daughter of a king, a gypsy girl twirling in front of a sparking fire under the stars, and a desert princess riding through the sand dunes in search of a legend…

Dancing through adventures full of
magic and mystery

With this collection, I get to live my stories. And have new adventures too!

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