Art to brighten your home

Dance and fantasy to brighten your dreams

Time to escape into magic and wonder

Come on a journey.

Ailene Cuthbertson in her studio

Explore other worlds.

Step into the dance.

And be swept into the story.

I’m Ailene, digital fine artist, using my art as a form of magic to follow dreams into my own reality.

My images stand as enduring, uplifting reminders to follow your heart and shine bright.

Ailene creating a digital painting with her tablet and pen.

Because when you shine, the world is a brighter place.

– The collections –

Introducing 3 dancers and their hopes, dreams, and loves…

The Giselle collection  |  The Hürrem collection  |  The fantasy collection

Introducing the Spotlight collection

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NZ Art Show
NZ Art Show Emerging Artist Award finalist

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Frequently asked questions

What others have wondered

Why are these prints? Where’s the originals?

These images are digital artworks created on the computer, which means the original artwork is data sitting on a hard drive. They need to be printed to bring them into the real world.

What’s a giclée print?

Giclée is a term used to refer to fine art prints made with long-life ink and paper. It means your print is gallery-quality and will last a lifetime.

For ink, I use genuine Epson high dynamic range ink – a high-quality ink that has a longevity of up to 200 years and produces sharp images with beautiful smooth tones. For papers, I chose 100% cotton rag fine art papers from Ilford. They’re a thick weight, have a clean matt surface, and are perfect for crisp detail and bright, vivid colours. And these fine art papers have no optical brighteners so colours last even longer.

First print of the edition! Each print is 12" x 12" and inkjet printed on fine art paper (giclée). I've picked beautiful frames for them, but you can also order an unframed print if you wish.

© 2017, Ailene Cuthbertson, “My wealth, my love, my moonlight”. Photograph, 30 cm x 30 cm.

What’s a limited edition?

As the name suggests, a limited edition limits the number of prints available for purchase. For example, a limited edition of 10 means only 10 prints will ever be produced. The edition numbers I offer are small (between 5 and 25 depending on the collection) which makes your print more exclusive. And, to authenticate your print and make it a one-off, I hand-sign and number each print with traditional graphite pencil.

How do I order a print?

Email me with the name and size of the print you’d like to order and we’ll go from there. It’s possible the print you love is in a gallery or exhibition near you, so I’ll let you know. If not, I’ll send the order through to my printers and get it to you as soon as possible. Let me know if you have a specific birthday or anniversary date in mind.

Where can I get my print framed?

If you’re near Hamilton, I recommend Imageland in Frankton, who print all my artwork and do all my exhibition framing as well. They have a huge selection of framing options and since they’re familiar with my art, they know what’ll show it to advantage.

I do suggest you invest in quality framing. Your fine art giclée prints are archival, which means the ink and paper won’t fade or discolour for a lifetime. But they’re still vulnerable to damage from sun, dust, and moisture, so an archival quality frame will make sure you protect your print from fading or warping.

Also ask your framer about glass options – not all glass is created equal! I recommend you invest in glass that offers UV protection, which helps your print not to fade or discolour if it’s exposed to light.

Detail of the frame for my Hürrem Sultan series with belly dancer Elena

Can I share your artwork on social media?

Yes, I’d love you to! I ask that you please credit me “© Ailene Cuthbertson”, drop in a link to my website, and tag me @oldmountainart.

If you have a question I haven’t answered here, I’m happy to help. You can email me or use my handy contact form to send me a message.