And that’s a wrap, 2019

It’s nearly time to say adieu to 2019. Which is kinda scary (where did the year go?!) as well as kinda exciting (shiny new year and shiny new plans!)

Right now, I’m grateful for:

You! For hanging out with me this year

I have to start with a huge thank you for being here and for following along on my artist journey!

It means a lot to me to know you love seeing what I’m up to. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my art come to life and all the exhibitions and events I’ve been a part of this year. And what others in my art community are up to as well.

My Instagram Top 9, 2019
My Instagram top 9 this year.

The opportunities that have helped me grow

This list is rather long and includes random things like getting my forklift license! So, let’s keep it to some highlights… 

I started my very own Patreon page! Lots of fun happening over there. I love that I can invite you into my studio, show you around, and share all the messy magic behind-the-scenes. And it helps me follow my dreams of being an artist.

I had my art shown in events as far away as Switzerland and Miami.

"The sky beckoned" at the ARTBOX.GALLERY, Zürich, Switzerland.
“The sky beckoned” at the ARTBOX.GALLERY, Zürich, Switzerland.

I joined an amazing group of belly dancers at the Phoenix Belly Dance Retreat weekend. We danced a lot, laughed a lot, and it’s just so inspiring to be around people who are passionate about what they do.

Belly dancers at the showcase evening, Phoenix Belly Dance Retreat, 2019.
Belly dance stars at the showcase evening. Left to right: Vanessa Castro, Mirian, Marta Korzun, Kateryna Siham, and Candice Frankland

Summer holidays just around the corner

Sun, beaches, swimming, lazing around with good books… you know, summer! Hopefully, lots of relaxing and recharging in amongst having adventures.

And, I have plans. Creative plans. Involving my gorgeous, floaty new dance veils and my new helper. Check out my summer update for a sneak peek. It’s going to be so good!

And just so you know, I’m going to take a break from blogging and videos and social media till I’m back in January. Besides, I figure you’ll be having far too much fun on your own summer holiday! I will keep popping up on Patreon though. So if you can’t wait to see videos of me getting tangled in a veil (it’s going to happen), you can join in over there.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas  (with lots of trifle left over for Boxing Day breakfast), a happy New Year, and beautiful, relaxing summer holidays.

See you in 2020!

Keep on shining bright,